About Admost

Admost is a technology company, specialized in subsidiary tools for mobile apps. Admost team combines experience with dynamic effects of technology to provide state-of-the-art technology.

As a company, Admost was established in 2002 as an ad server for the web. Primarily, the company was also developing content based websites and mobile app projects. After the successful sale of projects in 2016, mobile app tools became the only concern of Admost Team.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an environment for people to communicate easily, work with pleasure and develop new ideas. As a team, we endeavor to intensify relationship between people who cooperate and place trust, and unite ideas to create more useful products for everyone.

Admost defines its mission as to offer its knowledge in information technologies to the users in mobile and internet environments in a creative and a quality manner, and its vision as to develop and operate creative, functional systems in mobile and web environment.

Admost has headquarters both in London and Istanbul. As a team, 30 people work for Admost Projects; as developers, business developers, and consultancy also reserve an R&D team. R&D team consists of researchers and developers who work on the improvement of the performance of tools, besides publishing articles and patent application.

Our Story