Our Story

We started this as a publisher, like you.

As a publisher, ad revenue is a crucial point to make money off the mobile app. In the beginning, there was just a few ad networks and no other chance except waiting to fill ad zones by that networks. When we come today, mobile ad market booms and it is not easy to catch up.

When the Admost idea came up, we were a publisher. We tried many ways to increase our ad revenue; first, we tried to arrange ad networks manually for day and night. Then we found out there were many mediation systems to do it. We tried some of them, compare them. We understood the system and decided to do it in our way. Created an algorithm and used it in our mobile app. Compared it, developed it, changed it and formed it.

Admost Mediation story started like this, today we buck up tools for publishers. Everyday an idea comes up, we exchange opinions with our partners and improve ourselves for better.