Facebook Audience Network – ADMOST Official Bidding Partnership Announcement

We are happy to announce that Admost is now an official bidding partner with Facebook Audience Network.

Our publishers will be able to access advertiser demand from Facebook Audience Network through bidding in addition to our other bidding partners. As Admost, continuous product development has always been our core focus and we believe this new partnership will add further value to both Admost and our publishers as we expand our bidding demand sources with Facebook Audience Network.

The significant Facebook ad ecosystem will be open for our publishers now; joining our other bidding partners in helping drive more competition for publishers’ inventory.

Publishers who like to integrate bidding can contact their Admost account managers. Both Facebook and Admost will whitelist the publishers before going live with bidding since the partnership is in closed beta for now. Your Admost account manager will handle the rest of all operations from same-day-activation to daily performance analysis. All bidding revenue performance will also be trackable within Admost Analytics via Cohort Tables, User Acquisition Performance Analysis and UA Campaign Analysis with ad revenue and UA cost embedded. Please reach out for further details.