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Admost Promotion feature allows publishers to cross promo their apps or to make direct deals with advertisers via single SDK.

Cross promotion is totally free of a charge for our publishers to increase their install rates through their own apps or another Admost publisher’s apps. We do not provide an open marketplace for the exchange between publishers. Only acquainted publishers may cross promo between each other.

Premium sales allow our publisher to increase their ad revenue through direct advertisers with fair pricing. It’s only ¢5($0,05) per CPM(1000 impressions)

Targeting Settings

  • By Country
  • By Date and Time Matrix

Frequency Capping

  • Daily/hourly capping per user
  • Daily/hourly impression limits for the audience
  • Daily/hourly click limits


For Starters;

  • Log into Admost dashboard
  • Select Promotions tab from the right menu
  • My Promotions to create a new one or edit the existing campaigns
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