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Ad networks’ performance varies due to types of apps, countries that gets most traffics etc. While integration our team helps you to determine which ad networks you should use for best performance.  There are 40+ ad networks when you decide to integrate with Admost and many of them you can see below.


Do I need to integrate all SDKs from ad networks that you support?

Integrating only Admost Mediation SDK to your application is enough to call other ad networks as an adapter.

Do I need to create to accounts ad networks?

Yes, you have to create your owned accounts on ad networks, as usual. Admost Mediation has no direct relationship with ad network accounts.

Supported Ad Types and Platforms

Admost Mediation supports native, banner, static/video interstitial, rewarded/ skippable video and offerwall.

Admost provides SDKs for iOS and Android platforms, also plugins for Unity3D, Adobe, Cocos2D, and React Native.

Any app using the ad types that mentioned above can use Admost Mediation.



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