Mopub Ad Server- Admost Mediation SDK Working Mechanisim

For the publishers who are using Mopub ad server;

Admost Mediation SDK does not have any technical relation with Mopub Ad Server on the server side.

Clients continue using Mopub Ad Server for their premium sales and sponsorship ads while using Admost Mediation. If the client’s request cannot be matched on Mopub ad server side, client triggers Admost Mediation SDK to get the list of waterfall and routes the ad networks adapters until filled.

The process:

In the process of Mopub Ad Server – Admost Mediation;

The client sends ad request to Mopub Ad Server;

Scenario 1: The ad request is matched, Mopub Ad Server returns success. And the process is completed.

Scenario 2: The ad request failed on Mopub Ad Server. The client demands from Admost Mediation SDK embedded into the application to find the route of the ad request. Admost Mediation SDK returns the waterfall list of best yielding ad networks per country and per placements and the client made the request to each ad network in order until the ad requests matched.

Check out Admost Mediation’s easy setup SDK documentation.

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