The Revolution – Personalized Waterfall

“No More GEO located optimization”

The whole in-app advertising industry considers GEOs or tiers as optimization criteria; Ad networks set different floor price levels per GEO due to the economic conditions of advertisers’ side for the different campaign and country levels as usual. On the other hand, mediation systems adjust their algorithms to the classic vertical waterfalls which optimize the ad zone from the mass country data and start making requests from the top to the bottom ad placement respectively. Even if the user is qualified or not, the request is started from the top. Though without considering mass GEO data, there can be a user who is located in a low-income country, may be far more qualified and potentially matched with expensive campaigns than a user located in the US or counterparts. So, do we really need to optimize our inventory by generating the same GEO waterfalls for everybody from the mass country data? What if removing the borders and focus on each user itself! Crazy and evolutionary right?

As Admost team, we imagine an advertising world without borders and focus on the user itself rather than mass optimization and launch Admost Personalized Waterfall; no matter where the user is located, Admost waterfall dynamically and instantly routes the best matching bundle of the ad placements due to the user’s quality. The waterfall is regenerated dynamically with new ad placements at each request from each ad zone with the reference to the previous ad request’s conversion. This feature allows point shot optimization with evaluating each user itself and prevents the latency of the vertical waterfalls and lack of ad requests to ad network’s servers. The personalized waterfall is supported by Admost’s own impression count, analytics, and other variables within the optimization algorithm.


At each ad request, waterfall selects the best compatible bundle of the placements and start making requests until it’s filled. And for the next ad request, the waterfall takes the previous ad request as a base and dynamically regenerates. It’s been tested on our major publishers and chased a massive increase in ad revenues. The new feature is now ready-to-boost the revenues of all publishers of Admost.

As a publisher-friendly monetization system,  always endeavor to maximize the ad revenues and satisfy all monetization needs of the publishers without getting extra fees. With our dedicated technical and business teams, we would always love to lend assistance to you. For further information, please contact [email protected] .