CCPA Privacy Policy

  The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a new data privacy law that regulates in California State area. This CCPA Privacy Policy is the supplement of the Admost Privacy Policy and only applies to California State Residents.  This Privacy Policy explains the working principle of the Admost and which information gets through the system. […]


In the 2019 holiday season, like every year before, campaigns, eCPMs, and app usages have reached their annual peaks. Mobile app publishers wait for and make most of their revenue in the holiday season every year and 2019 ended up with higher earnings as well. The 2019 holiday season was a very prosperous and effective […]

Why Commission Based Pricing!

One of the most common questions about Admost is; “Why do we pay a commission fee instead of using a free paid tool?” Unbiased  Mediation Tool We are %100 on the publisher side company where we do not have our own ad inventory to please our advertisers or premium agreements with the ad networks to […]

Predictive Analytics with a One Click

The growth of the app market directs software improvements toward controlling and predicting. When we examine what we need, the list grows longer and longer. So we started to do something with data that we had, and add many features to our products. First, it was looking back to see future, we present you extremely […]

Admost 2018 Report

  Here is the Admost 2018 Report, prepared for you to show what we have done for you in 2018! 2018 was a special year for us, we grew up and improved ourselves to serve you better.  For details, here is the link below. Admost 2018 Report      

Zero In on How You Can Increase Your Mobile App Revenue

In recent years, the marketplace has grown to over six million mobile applications, with individuals using them as the primary way to spend their digital minutes. For new mobile app developers, marketers, and publishers, creating financial growth in such a large marketplace requires creative ingenuity, well-executed mobile app monetization strategies, and multiple revenue streams. So we […]

How to Effectively Increase In-App Advertising Revenue

One of the fastest growing forms of mobile advertising is in-app advertising. A few years ago, Google, Facebook, and Twitter dominated the mobile app space, but nowadays the marketplace is different, there is an app for almost everything and mobile users are not left out as they make the best use of these applications. Most […]

The Revolution – Personalized Waterfall

“No More GEO located optimization” The whole in-app advertising industry considers GEOs or tiers as optimization criteria; Ad networks set different floor price levels per GEO due to the economic conditions of advertisers’ side for the different campaign and country levels as usual. On the other hand, mediation systems adjust their algorithms to the classic […]