Why Commission Based Pricing!

One of the most common questions about Admost is;

“Why do we pay a commission fee instead of using a free paid tool?”

  • Unbiased  Mediation Tool

We are %100 on the publisher side company where we do not have our own ad inventory to please our advertisers or premium agreements with the ad networks to prevent a conflict of interest.

  • Win-Win Model

We define our publishers as our partners! We work hard to maximize and optimize your ad revenue and earn only and solely from our publishers’ total ad revenues with a commission fee. Besides, you will never pay for your user acquisition spendings; all your ad spent will be subtracted from the total ad revenue. You can try Admost free of charge for the first two months and experience the revenue boost.

  • %100 Transparency

All collected data belongs to the publisher and shown at Admost dashboard.

  • %100 Boutique Service

In Admost we know your urgencies! No more long wait hours, tickets or chatting with auto-robots. All your problems will be solved immediately by our dedicated technical and account management teams.

You can focus your business and our teams will do the rest. Our account managers will handle the ad network deals and performance optimizations for you while our tech team supports the whole integration process.

  • No Cash Flow

You’re the owner of each ad network account; all the payments are collected directly from each ad network as usual. Again; no conflict of interest, no eCPM cut offs.

  • No Extra fee for Extra Features

Joining Admost brings further smart tools, not only an automated mobile mediation system. With only one SDK, you will get our smart revenue analytics, predictive analysis, and cross-promotion features!