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Real Time

Real Time screen shows you how many users are using your mobile app instantaneous. You have a filter option to see by app and country.   

Table under the graphic lists on the basis of apps and there are options for categorizing instant data.


User Acquisition

User acquisition screen helps you to find out downloads, user continuity, and revenue from users between dates that you chose. You can see download per country and cumulative data summary, and also you can compare revenues between countries.


You can see daily user activities such as daily active user, ad revenues and in-app purchases with country, date and app filters.


Cohort Analysis

Customer Lifetime Value screen  


Retention Analysis

Retention Analysis measures how often your users come back, it is important to understand your app’s growth.  


IAP Report

In-App Purchase report helps you to analyze how efficient your deals.


Export Data

Export Data screen help you to find most valuable users, you can set detailed filters for a list you get.


User Explorer

You can see activity details of users that you find as most valuable in Export Data.

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