Analytics Data

Real Time Real Time screen shows you how many users are using your mobile app instantaneous. You have a filter option to see by app and country.    Table under the graphic lists on the basis of apps and there are options for categorizing instant data.   User Acquisition User acquisition screen helps you to […]

Mediation Data

Dashboard Dashboard panel helps publishers for comparison according to following time periods. You can see revenue comparison between current and previous time periods. Revenue vs Impression Publishers can see revenue trajectory in accordance with impression on graphs between dates according to selection. Ad Networks By pie chart of ad networks, publishers can see ad networks’ […]

Dashboard Access

While integrating Admost SDK, you will be authorized by the system to access the dashboard with your email. Admin Types Admost’s flexible dashboard lets you view and manage all your ad networks’ data on one screen. Based on the order of team, you can arrange accessibility permission for controlling and tracking of the dashboard. There […]