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Using analytical app tools is an extremely important part of the guarantee that your app is a success, it helps you to better understand and analyze your audiences. Analytics can provide up-to-date information on broad shades of different variables and helps app owners to prospect strategy for the next step.

Admost Analytics is the first & only tool that allows real-time analysis of users’ LTV and ARPU metrics – that is generated on the back of each and every user’s in-app purchase & ad revenue data.

User-friendly administration panel makes easier to find data you search for, it has all the things of your income expectations and realized.

Analytics screens comprise data which gives you details about users’ download date to the day they discontinue to utilize.

How Can I use Admost Analytics?

Analytics tool comes with Mediation tool, when you sign up for Mediation you also get Analytics tool with it.

Can I use Admost Analytics without using Admost Mediation?

No, Admost Analytics serves ad revenue data besides IAP analytics which is provided by the mediation side. There is no other option to provide ad revenue data except using mediation tool.

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