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On Promotion Reports screen, you can track the performance of apps that you’ve promoted and you promote on another publisher.

  • Select “Promotions in my apps” to track promoted apps on your applications and “My apps’ promotions” to track your apps on other publishers.
  • Select specific app and/or specific ad zone from “all apps” and “all zones” tabs.
  • Date range: to specify the date data.
  • Status: to filter active, passive or deleted promotions
  • Type: to filter premium or cross promotion campaigns

Campaign report detail:

Impression Count: Total number of  impression served

Impression Unique Count: Total number of impression seen by unique users

Click Count: Total number of click

Click Unique Count: Total number of unique users click

Install count: Total number of install

CTR: Click-through rate

Unique CTR

Install Click Rate: Conversion rate of click to install

Days button(icon): to see the daily details of your campaign

Hours button(icon): inside of the days’ screen; hourly details of your campaign

(We do not provide install data on hourly reports)


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