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Admost Mediation’s waterfall list is different from classic vertical waterfalls; Admost Personalized Waterfall brings a new perspective for increasing efficiency of ads and revenue for publishers. Normally mediation systems adjust their algorithms to the classic vertical waterfalls which optimize the ad zone from the mass country data and start making requests from the top to the bottom ad placement respectively, unlike others Admost Waterfall removes the borders and focus each user itself. It is a revolutionary step for mediation systems, it creates a unique waterfall for each user according to users’ behavior, not mass GEO data. 

The waterfall is regenerated dynamically with new ad placements at each request from each ad zone with the reference to the previous ad request’s conversion. This feature allows point shot optimization with evaluating each user itself and prevents the latency of the vertical waterfalls and lack of ad requests to ad network’s servers. The personalized waterfall is supported by Admost’s own impression count, analytics and other variables within the optimization algorithm.


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