Why does Admost Mediation calculate its own eCPM and How it is happening?

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Ad networks have different practices to when deciding what is an impression. For instance, some networks count an impression only when the banner is visible on the screen for a certain time, and some networks count an impression as soon as it’s loaded. These different practices cause incomparable eCPM rates across ad networks. That is why Admost Mediation has its own standard eCPM calculation method, to be able to better to monetize your application.

Own impression count and waterfall algorithm provide a fair competition among ad networks and maximize the revenue of the publishers. Admost creates a unique waterfall for each user and sends request according to users’ behavior which is an important feature to increase interaction and revenue. 


Admost Mediation SDK collects impression and click statistics from your app and combines this data with revenue info from ad networks to calculate standardized eCPM rates across ad networks.  Admost Mediation SDK pulls eCPM rates of each ad network for all the ad placements in the app.


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