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The main revenue stream of most applications is based on mobile advertisement through ad networks. And it is almost impossible to indicate any network is the best for all variables. Each ad network may have a comparative advantage due to their eCPM- fill rate, ad type, advertisers… and also the audience and type of the application, itself. Admost Mediation corroborates applications to serve the ads through various ad networks regarding all these variables to reach the most revenue

Admost Mediation is a client-server tool; its client part is an SDK embedded into apps and its server part is a database which keeps all the statistics collected from ad networks and its own SDK.

Admost Mediation SDK counts all impression numbers in each app for each ad placement and country and sends all these data to the database, also imports only revenue data from each ad network per country and placement by APIs automatically. eCPM rates are calculated in Admost Mediation database itself. Admost Mediation SDK pulls eCPM rates of each ad network for all the ad placements in the app for the country where the user opens the app.

Apps call only Admost Mediation SDK to get a list of ad networks in order of waterfall algorithm, so applications know which ad network is better to serve in order. Admost Mediation SDK’s profession is just routing the app in order of calling ad networks to maximize the earnings.

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