How can I start using Admost Mediation?

It’s easy to get started; you can directly sign up! Or you can email us by about your app features, including: Country distribution of your app traffic. Distribution of iOS/Android users, Ad networks which you are using for monetization currently, Monthly revenue of your app, Do you use any mediation tool? Which platform did […]

Problem and the Solution

The main revenue stream of most applications is based on mobile advertisement through ad networks. And it is almost impossible to indicate any network is the best for all variables. Each ad network may have a comparative advantage due to their eCPM- fill rate, ad type, advertisers… and also the audience and type of the […]

How does Waterfall work?

Admost Mediation’s waterfall list is different from classic vertical waterfalls; Admost Personalized Waterfall brings a new perspective for increasing efficiency of ads and revenue for publishers. Normally mediation systems adjust their algorithms to the classic vertical waterfalls which optimize the ad zone from the mass country data and start making requests from the top to […]