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Admost is a revolutionary full cycle monetization system for mobile app and game publishers with its 3 main functions; Mediation, Revenue Analytics, and Cross Promotion via single SDK.

Admost Mediation Overview

Admost Mediation is an unbiased mobile ad mediation platform which uniquely client-based optimizes the ad networks. No matter where the user is located, Admost waterfall dynamically and instantly routes the best yielding bundle of waterfall depending on the client’s quality.


  • State of the art waterfall algorithm based on user behavior
  • Unbiased and fully-transparent ad network mediation
  • Standardized eCPM calculation method for comparing different ad network performances
  • One on one support
  • Easy Integration

Admost Revenue Analytics Overview

Admost Analytics is the first & only tool that allows analysis of users’ LTV and ARPU metrics generated on the back of each and every user’s in-app purchase & ad revenue data.


  • Only tool to track ad related statistics
  • Ad and IAP revenue based true LTV calculation
  • Real-time active user statistics
  • Raw data export for entire user database
  • List of a daily summary of each user

Admost Cross Promotion Overview

Admost Cross Promotion allows publishers to cross promote their own apps on their own inventory. Cross promotion is totally free of a charge for our publishers to increase their install rates through their own apps or another Admost publisher’s apps. We do not provide an open marketplace for the exchange between publishers. Only acquainted publishers may cross promo between each other. Also, premium sales include if you make direct deals with advertisers.

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