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Admost is a mediation company which started out to increase mobile app revenue fair-and-square. It is an unbiased, client-based mobile ad mediation tool which optimizes ad networks personally to maximize the ad revenue of publishers. Admost does not have any organic relation with any advertiser or ad network which means there is no conflict of interest for revenue returns on behalf of any ad network.

Admost Mediation counts impression and eCPM values on its own databases, it doesn’t use eCPM values calculated by ad networks themselves to preclude the effect of different impression count between ad networks. As each ad network may calculate it in a different way, Admost’s own impression count and waterfall algorithm provide a fair competition among ad networks and maximize the revenue of the publishers. 

Admost Mediation distributes the traffic to all ad networks to create a diversity of ads for the same user. The diversity of ads helps to increase CTR of each ad network and quality of the ad which ultimately increase the revenue.

Admost offers more than one solutions with a single SDK, an analytics tool. Admost Analytics is the first and only tool to analyze LTV and ARPU values based on ad revenues and in-app purchases together with real data. It also correlates these values with retention data. There is no other tool that can calculate these values with real data. All the other tools use some assumptions to estimate LTV and ARPU values.

Another solution that comes with Admost is Cross Promotion. Admost Promotion feature allows publishers to cross promo their own or another publisher’s apps, embedded Admost SDK or to make direct deals with advertisers.


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