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What is the pricing model of Admost?

Admost is free for the first two months. Developers pay a commission on their total ad revenue after the trial period if they are happy with the increase and the service. They can stop and cancel using Admost anytime they want.

Publishers receive payments directly from ad networks, Admost does not get involved payment process because of transparency principle. Time of payment shows an alteration according to ad networks, Admost does not demand payments until ad networks pay.

What is the termination period?

App owners can terminate the contract anytime they want.
Admost can terminate the contract if the invoices are not paid in 60 days.

If I have a trouble, can I get technical assistance?

Yes, our experienced tech team would be ready to assist you, any time needed.

  • If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to mail us through [email protected]
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