Term Glossary

Ad Network: Integrated systems connects advertisers and publishers via SDK integration, API or JS tags. Ad Request: The request made to an ad server to display an ad. Ad Server: Technology that stores and delivers advertisements to web pages and mobile apps. Ad servers manage ads, track interactions between users and content providers, and form […]

Why Admost?

Admost is a mediation company which started out to increase mobile app revenue fair-and-square. It is an unbiased, client-based mobile ad mediation tool which optimizes ad networks personally to maximize the ad revenue of publishers. Admost does not have any organic relation with any advertiser or ad network which means there is no conflict of interest for […]


Admost is a revolutionary full cycle monetization system for mobile app and game publishers with its 3 main functions; Mediation, Revenue Analytics, and Cross Promotion via single SDK. Admost Mediation Overview Admost Mediation is an unbiased mobile ad mediation platform which uniquely client-based optimizes the ad networks. No matter where the user is located, Admost […]

Pricing Model and Assistance

What is the pricing model of Admost? Admost is free for the first two months. Developers pay a commission on their total ad revenue after the trial period if they are happy with the increase and the service. They can stop and cancel using Admost anytime they want. Publishers receive payments directly from ad networks, […]